Customer Testimonials

L/C Magnetics Inc. has a long history of providing quality products to customers around the United States and even beyond by going international. We strive to provide excellent customer service to match the quality of the products. Here are some testimonials from our loyal clients, and what they had to say about our company.

What Are People Saying About Us?

“When we deal with L/C Magnetics we are always confident that we will be receiving the highest quality product, at the lowest available price and in the fastest time.”

– Mary Stevenson, Deltech Inc.

“L/C Magnetics has received a score of 100% on all three of our product quality charts. These categories are quality, on time delivery, and supplier corrective action requests.”

– Quality Control Manager, MRI Industries

“We have received the transformer on time. it looks very nice and we appreciate the hard work.”

– Justin, Spang & Company

“Our defective transformer was built in 1996 and the original manufacturer of the transformer is out of business. Your transformer made a huge difference to our customer.”

– Mark Nelson, Mark and Sales Service

“Thanks for getting our transformer completed and shipped quickly. We appreciate your responsiveness to our order.”

– Brooks Bishofberger, JT3 LLC

“They are very competitively priced, and their turn-around time is excellent.”

– Jeffrey Scharpf, Milwaukee Tool Corporation

“Thank you for being so responsive, superb customer service”

– Alden J. Verrett III, DRS Naval Power Systems

“Transformer installed and no issues. It’s running at 57.2 amps on the supply with all three heaters cranking 100%. (Circuit breaker is 60 amp but i did not design this thing)

Great to have a new transformer installed, everything fired fight up.”

– R. Scott Riekena, NSERL, University of Texas at Dallas